Ecobuild Design
Buildings that integrate the principles of ecologically sustainable development



Ardea Oosthuizen is Ecobuild Design.  A one man building design practice for client and site specific buildings that integrate the principles of ecologically sustainable development.

Ardea has always aimed to meet the needs of the client, maximise the potential of the building site, and provide a comfortable and healthy indoor environment minimising the need for air conditioning and artificial heating and cooling.

Ardea strives for close collaboration with the client as key to a successful design. A collaborative working relationship is established with clients to understand their lifestyle and the way in which their building should function. The clientsʼ involvement in the design process is made easier by the use of three dimensional software. This software enables the design to be explored as a walk through virtual building under a virtual sun.

Ardeaʼs site-specific services mean that the site conditions inform the building design. These conditions include orientation, views, topography, micro climate, natural drainage, trees and vegetation, as well as the effect of surrounding developments on privacy, view and solar access.

Since 1992

Ardea Oosthuizen
B Bld Sc, B Arch, AAA, BDA